“I have been using Customized Turf Services for about 3 years. I switched from a well known national chain because they had a revolving door with employees and had me sign up for services that I did not want or need. Customized Turf Services is a local business that allows me to pick the services I want and they are very knowledgeable. There is no revolving door with the employees either. I think they are an honest company and I am very pleased with my yard.”
Lisa P. ★★★★★
“Customized Turf Services has been maintaining our lawn for more than five years. They do a great job every single time, and our lawn looks the best in our neighborhood. Their pricing is also incredibly reasonable, and it’s very simple to make my payment by credit card through their website. We either call them up, and they charge the card that we have on file with them or we pay online through their website! So easy! Thanks Customized Turf Services for the excellent service and beautiful yard!”
Rick B. ★★★★★
“Customized Turf Services provides outstanding lawn treatment. I have had no problem with weeds since I started using their service. They are dependable and always on time. The staff is great, and Rich is the best!”
Cathy A. ★★★★★


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Welcome to Customized Turf Services, where our job is to make your lawn look its very best!

We offer a personalized approach you won’t find at any of the large chain lawn care companies. We’re proud to be a local family-owned and run business ready to make your family’s property lush and green. We know the soil, rain and temperatures in upstate N.Y., and we work with your existing turf to ensure your lawn will thrive. You can rely on our experience, spanning nearly 15 years, to cultivate and maintain a healthy, pest-free turf ready to be enjoyed by your family for years to come.

Our lawn care company as formed in 2008 to be a true local option for folks in New York’s Capital Region. If you have hired a large chain or franchise lawn care provider in the past and did not experience optimum results both with the look of your lawn or less than desirable customer service, we may be an option for you.